Quick Tip – Find List of Users Created in Last Week – Exchange Online

Just a quick post today, had a requirement to get a list of users created in the last day and the last week for a customer in Exchange Online. This can be done via simple one liner as follows:

get-mailbox -Filter {whencreated -gt “6/30/2015”}



Even if you look at an individual’s mailbox and it uses a different date format, the example above must be used to query Exchange Online (American date format, no front zeros on single months) otherwise you will see an error like:

Cannot bind parameter ‘Filter’ to the target. Exception setting “Filter”: “The value “30/6/2015″ could not be converted to type System.Nullable`1[System.DateTime].”

The above command when run correctly will provide you with a list of users created after the date you provide with their Name, Alias, Server Name and ProhibitSendQuota by default. PowershellCapture

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