Two things you didn’t know about Microsoft Azure


Earlier this year Microsoft made some small but very important changes to Azure which you might have missed, and could have a big impact on your decision whether or not to move your services into the cloud.

Two of the most exciting I have included below:

1. Increased limits for OS Disks for Azure Virtual Machines

Until recently the largest size for an OS disk in Microsoft Azure was 127GB. This has been increased to 1TB – the same as data disks, enabling even more of your on-premises servers to be moved into the cloud.

2. Azure Backup for Azure Virtual Machines

You can now use Azure Backup to perform scheduled or one time backups for your Azure VMs in exactly the same way as you would for your on-premises virtual machines, allowing you to perform point-in-time backups, set backup retention policies and decide on the frequency of your backups.

     This feature is currently in preview but will be going live soon.

There is much more that Microsoft Azure is capapable of, and if you are interested in moving your infrastructure into Microsoft Azure and how azure could help you, get in touch.


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