AD Sync Error – missing-partition-for-run-step

I have been doing quite a few deployments of AAD Connect recently, and I have run across the error when synchronising the local directory “missing-partition-for-run-step” a couple of times.

This will occur when you are synchronising a Forest where not all of the domains in the Forest will be synchronised, and you have removed them from the local connector (see below):


If, when you run a directory synchronisation you see the “missing-partition-for-run-step” message in the status, you have missed one very important configuration step. You need to change the Run Profile for that connector to remove the steps for the domains you are not synchronising.

The steps to remove the steps from the run profile are below:

  1. Right-Click the connector with multiple domains and click “Configure Run Profiles…”.
  2. In the run profiles you will see a step under each profile for each domain, however, the Partition field for the deselected domains will be GUIDs rather than the domain name, which it is for the domains that remain selected (See Below).missing-partition-for-run-step_2
  3. To remove the error message when you sync, select each of the steps representing the removed partitions and select “Delete Step”. This needs to be repeated for every run profile.

Once you complete the above steps the next time you sync the error will not occur and you will successfully sync.

Simple to fix, not so easy to remember!

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