How To: Enable O365 Options on Exchange 2013 Server Without Running Hybrid Configuration Wizard

Here are the steps to enable the Office 365 admin options on your OnPrem Exchange 2013 server, without the need to run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard or need for external CA signed certificate.

  • Load Exchange Management Shell on the Exchange 2013 server and run the following commands…
    • $TenantDomain = “”
    • New-RemoteDomain -Name "Hybrid Domain – $TenantDomain" -DomainName $TenantDomain
    • Set-RemoteDomain -TargetDeliveryDomain:$true -Identity "Hybrid Domain – $TenantDomain”
    • New-AcceptedDomain -DomainName $TenantDomain -Name $TenantDomain
    • New-HybridConfiguration
    • Set-HybridConfiguration –Domains –ClientAccessServers ExchangeServerHostName
  • Run an IISRESET (a server reboot maybe required for the options below to appear)

You should now have the option to create an Office 365 Mailbox from the New Mailbox options which allows you to create a User, Room or Equipment mailbox.




You can also switch between Enterprise and Office 365 header options form the OnPrem Exchange 2013 server.  In short, the Office 365 allows you to sign into rather than directing you to .


The central admin makes it easier to create an Office 365 Mailbox and then convert it to Shared Mailbox once DirSync has run and the mailbox provisioned.


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