New Finds in Azure AD Connect 1.1

Over the last few weeks I have carried out my first couple of implementations of AAD Connect’s February Update – version 1.1. In addition to getting the first chance to look at the published updates, I have also discovered an unpublished update which stumped me for a little while!

1. Integrated Sync Scheduler


The new integrated Sync Scheduler does away with the old scheduled task in Windows Task Scheduler and is instead managed via the AAD Connect PowerShell Module. From here you can edit the following:

Cycle Interval
Sync Policy Type
Purge Run History Interval
Cycle Enabled
Maintenance Enabled
Staging Mode Enabled

This offers much of the same functionality as the old scheduled task, but offers some nice additional features like enabling staging mode, editing the history purge etc.

2. Manually Running a Synchronisation


This next one I discovered after running an install, configuring, making some changes, then wanting to run a manual sync, and then finding that my trusty DirectorySyncClientCmd.exe command line executable is missing! Is this an install error? Have I done something wrong? Have I gone mad? Am I looking in the wrong place?

In fact, none of the above. It appears that this exe has now been deprecated/retired and no longer exists where you would expect it in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin\. This has now also been integrated into the PowerShell Module. There is now a command Start-ADSyncSyncCycle with an optional switch -PolicyType.

If you don’t specify a PolicyType the sync will run Delta by default, and like the old command line tool, you also have the option of running Initial, which will do a Full Synchronisation.

As yet I have not seen anything in the version history/updates information on this change, I may have missed it but hopefully something visible will come from Microsoft.

This should help make administering AAD Connect much simpler by pulling all of your management tasks into one place for ease of use! Both of these are relatively small changes, but could make a big difference if you don’t know where to look, so I hope this saves you some time!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please either leave a comment below, Tweet me @MikeParker365 or email me at

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