New “Automatic Reply” settings in Outlook on the Web

Microsoft have just announced some new features coming to Automatic Replies in Outlook on the Web to make managing calendaring during leave much easier.


Firstly, you can use your Automatic Replies settings to automatically block out your calendar for the duration of your break/time away, saving you from having to go to your calendar to create a new appointment across this period.

IN addition, the Automatic Replies settings can also automatically remove any appointments you already have booked in your calendar for that period, by either declining or cancelling the appointments, saving you from going through each of your appointments and handling them individually.

Finally, the Automatic Replies will now automatically decline any new calendar invitations you receive during your leave which would previously have just gone unanswered. After sending these responses, Outlook will also leave the invitations in your inbox so you know what you have missed!

Full details can be read by visiting the Office 365 blog here

If you have any questions or comments please either use the comments section below, Tweet me@MikeParker365 or via email

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