Federated chat rolling out to Microsoft Teams

I got a nice surprise when I started up my machine this morning and opened Teams. Not long after logging on, I received a federated message from an external user! Now this has happened in the past so I wasn’t expecting my reply to reach the user, but I tried anyway, and BOOM it works! So it looks as though external federation with Skype users is currently rolling out to production tenants, at least First Release anyway!


It should be noted that this is fairly significant as the tenant I am using has Guest Access for Teams disabled so this is definitely direct Skype/Teams federated communication, one of the massive gaps we have been waiting for Microsoft to fill. Also, as you can see, I can’t see the Skype user’s availability, but they can obviously see me as Online and Available to intiate the chat.

It is also worth understanding that to get this behaviour I have closed down Skype for Business and I am not signed in, and my notification/chat settings are as follows:


Has anyone else noticed this?


20 minutes later I tried continuing the conversation and got the error below… so we may not be there just yet!


But when the user messaged me again later on, we could continue the conversation, so it looks like the Skype initiated conversations are working, but intiating a conversation from Teams is still to come.

If you have any questions or comments please either use the comments section below, Tweet me @MikeParker365 or via email blog@mikeparker365.co.uk.

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