Updated Guest Access for Microsoft Teams

MS teams

Microsoft are starting to roll out the ability to invite non-Azure AD accounts as guests to Microsoft Teams. This will hopefully be the start of the transformation of guest access within Teams which is still one of the bit complaints about the product today.

The way you add guest users won’t change with the new functionality, you will simply type in the personal or work email address when you add a member, and be prompted to add them as a guest.


Once the users have been added they will have access to the same fully featured Microsoft Teams as normal guest users. You will also have access to this functionality automatically when it is rolled out and won’t be affected if you have already enabled the Azure B2B functionality.

There is no word yet as to what the sign-up/sign-in process will be like for external users, but my guess is they will log in using the new Azure AD Sign-In screen, and it will go from there. As soon as I have access to a tenant with the functionality I will write an article on this!


Another final thought, with consumer account access now coming to Microsoft Teams, is this some indication of how the rumoured “freemium” version of Teams is going to work… we shall see!

You can find some more details at the Microsoft announcement here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Teams-Blog/Collaborate-securely-with-anyone-in-Microsoft-Teams/ba-p/165941

If you have any questions or comments please either use the comments section below, Tweet me @MikeParker365 or via email blog@mikeparker365.co.uk.

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