Skype to Teams Migration/Upgrade options in the new Admin Center

Microsoft have already brought some updates to the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Admin Center! The long awaited feature to control whether users collaborate in Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams has arrived, and it is looking extremely powerful!

Org Wide Settings

You have several options for org wide settings, whether people choose their own tool between Skype or Teams, whether you enforce Skype, or push people over to Teams, with differing options for each. One really nice feature is enabling the use of the old Skype Client in a minimal mode just to access Skype Conference calls.


You can also, if allowing users to choose between apps, push a message to users notifying them that Teams is available, or even push the Teams Client to users in the background.

In addition, there are new user settings that allow you to override the organisation settings for piloting/exceptions such as Execs/VIPs that either want to get their hands on the newest tools, or alternatively continue using what they’re used to.



Unfortunately, the bulk settings for this, enabling you to filter your users and then apply the settings “en mass” that were demoed at Microsoft Ignite in September aren’t there yet, but hopefully this isn’t too far behind!

What do you think about the new features? Will this be the step that allows you to start rolling out Teams in your organisation? As always your comments and feedback are always welcome!

If you have any questions or comments please either use the comments section below, Tweet me @MikeParker365 or via email

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